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Volunteer Opportunities

Cresta Roca Farm hosts guests who want to learn and work on a sustainable farm. Guests must be committed to a self sustainable lifecycle and have a deep respect for animals. 


Guests are only accepted through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) website.

Farm Tours

Cresta Roca Farm is offering farm tours starting June 21st to September 2nd. Farm tours can be customized to visitor’s areas of interest. For instance, if you are looking to learn about vermicomposting, the focus can be on this area of interest.


If your interest is in animals and the care and raising of goats, donkeys, chickens, or horses, we are happy to share our knowledge.  


Please note that although you will be in contact with the Cresta Roca Farm animals, we are not a petting zoo. The farm animals are utilized in various ways in our farm operation. They have a purpose on our farm. Our farm animals are well socialized and our goats have been featured in many goat shows on Vancouver Island making them quite friendly. We can also provide a general farm tour that will take in all the farm’s activities.

Wedding Day

Weddings & Retreats

Cresta Roca Farm is available for people looking for a farm setting for their event during the day. The event must be small (up to 20 people). We have a beautiful outside deck overlooking the farm. This space would be suitable for people looking to have a daily retreat in a private rural outdoor setting.  This would suit people who would enjoy the rural sounds of donkeys and roosters) We do not cater events but we can provide coffee and tea upon request.


For wedding events, we have a small home that can be available for two people. We do not have overnight accommodation for guests.

We are happy to work with you to customize your event, our farm is meant for people who want to bring farm animals into their experience.  


$25 per person, minimum 4 person minimum

Children under 5 are free, must be under parental supervision

Farm tours are 1 hour and visitors are welcome to be toured anywhere on the 5 acre property.

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