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Compost Products

Cresta Roca Farm has been creating our soil for many years composting our animal waste, organic materials and red wiggler worms to create a nutrient rich soil.


We have developed a few products that we use on the farm as well as provide to customers on Vancouver Island/Gulf Islands. Our products have become increasingly popular with local residents. Our goal is to provide a quality compost, using natural ingredients and screened to provide a product that is free from contaminants such as plastics.


Garden Compost

We supply manure compost that is 1 year old and contains a blend of manure from donkeys, goats, chickens and horses. The compost also contains bedding material such as hay and hemp. We actively manage our compost piles so that they are the optimal size to generate the internal heat necessary for composting. We add vermicompost from our vermicompost operation to further expedite the composting process and to add valuable worm castings to our compost.

compost Prices

$125 per yard – pick up at the farm and tractor loaded into your truck

$20 per bag – approximately 50 lbs


Cresta Roca Farm also produces a high quality vermicompost. We use our animal manure, bedding, vegetable matter, coffee grounds, seaweed and add red wiggler worms. The result is an extremely rich compost that is full of worm castings. We screen the compost and provide it in 15 litre plastic containers.  The screened vermicompost is suitable for using as a natural fertilizer in small quantities around outdoor plants.

Red wiggler worms

30 for 1/2 lb. order

$50/lb. order (up to 3 lb.)

$45/lb. for larger orders (4-10 lb.)

Cocoons: $80 for 500 cocoons

Screened vermicompost

$40 per 15 litre containers

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