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Cresta Roca Farm produces red wiggler worms for composting.  Red wiggler worms are excellent for accelerating the composting process.  They produce worm castings that are an excellent addition to garden soil.  Worm castings adds nutrients and increases water retention in the soil.  

Our red wiggler worms thrive in an organic mixture of farm ingredients and seaweed.  We provide worms in a rich vermicompost growing medium to keep them healthy during transport.   It also helps them integrate into customer's compost systems.


Cresta Roca Farm also produces screened vermicompost that contains worm castings.  This is a rich mixture and is excellent for amending existing garden soil, starting seedlings, and top dressing outdoor plants.

We supply red wiggler worms locally on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. We do not ship worms.

We can ship worm cocoons that will hatch in about 3 weeks.


We also offer unscreened vermicompost. This product adds organic material to garden beds and is rich in nutrients.  This compost has been aged at least 6 months so it can be put directly into garden beds, but it is not screened so it is not appropriate for planting seeds. 

We also have screened vermicompost that can be used, diluted with water, to feed outdoor plants, and for planting seeds.    Rich in worm castings and nutrients, screened vermicompost is a lovely moist compost that can be used to amend soil in existing garden beds.  $35 for a 15 litre container.

Red Wiggler Worms 

$30 for 1/2 lb. order

$50/lb. order (up to 3 lb.)

$45/lb. for larger orders (4-10 lb.)

Cocoons: $80 for 500 cocoons


Unscreened: $20/large bag

Screened: $35/15l container

Pick up is at the farm or in Nanaimo upon arrangement.

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